Free Windows software to configure 
the Apple AirPort Base Station

written by Rop Gonggrijp



At US$299, the Apple AirPort Base Station is the cheapest wireless Access Point that complies with the 802.11b wireless networking standard. It comes with an Ethernet port, a V.90 modem and it includes the WaveLan card. Unfortunately, it only comes with configuration software for the Apple Macintosh Operating System.

FreeBase was written to allow Windows users to configure the Base Station, and to allow replacing the WaveLan card with a 'WaveLan/Orinoco Gold' card so users can have strong encryption.

You're looking at what was once scheduled to be a quick "one week project" .


If you're in a hurry and just want to configure your Base Station:

  1. Click here to download the FreeBase installer
  2. Run the .exe
  3. Read the very short readme.txt
  4. And away you go.

FreeBase is free software released under the GNU General Public License, and comes with absolutely no warranties of any kind. FreeBase is written in Visual Basic, and the source code is freely available.


Those with a little bit more time might want to:


Here's some links to other pages about the Apple AirPort Base Station


Thanks and acknowledgements (in no particular order):

SourceForge Logo SourceForge is a true one-stop-shop for Open Source software development. 
SourceForge is Very, Very, Very, Very Cool.

For designing a very cool and very cheap 802.11b Access Point.

For selling it so cheap, knowing people would need their computers to configure it.

For doing much of the same research. I know what these people endured.

  • Frank Rieger:

"Hey, just buy one of these Apple Base Stations. I can configure it for you with my Mac. And besides: configuration is over SNMP, so there's plenty of programs out there to configure it with."

  • Steini
  • C.
  • Hans Huebner
  • Pluto
  • Andreas Bogk
  • Denis
  • everyone else at the CCC Berlin Dienstagsrunde
  • Carla van Rijsbergen
  • Cor Bosman
  • Dustin Norman
  • Marcel van der Peijl
  • Barry Wels
  • Stephanie Wehner
  • Lucky Green
  • Marten Hoekstra
  • Paul Wouters
  • Maurice Wessling
  • Sonja
  • Zenon Panoussis
  • Itsme
  • all other Hippies From Hell